Department Name    PHYSICS

Department Profile:

In the year of 1958 Established the U.G.Phiysics Departement & year of 1974 Established P.G.Phiysics Departement

HOD Desk :- L.K.Bhataniya(Proffessor)

Year of establishment -U.G-1958 P.G-1974

Name of the HoD:- Prof.L.K.Bhataniya

Area of Specialization:- Physies

Number of faculty:- 6

Department Faculty :

S.No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Exp
1 Prof.L.K.Bhataniya M.Sc.SET Assist.Proffeser Electronies 15 Years
2 Shir.Sunil Chouhan M.Sc. Guest Faculty Classical 07 Years
3 Miss.Sonali Patidar M.Sc. Guest Faculty Classical 03 Years
4 Mr.Kanu Badole M.Sc. Guest Faculty Classical 06 Years
5 Mr. Sanjay Lonaria M.Sc. Guest Faculty Classical 16 Years

Strenth:- 1-Pimctuality,Regular class with the student good laboratory work .

               2-good library unit among depart mental staff total Support to Adminstration smart                                            classess etc.

Weakness:-   1-Lack of teaching staff and administrative staff study clamber

Future Plan:- 1.To update laboralory with new equipment

                         2.Teaching on Board will be stopped gradualls and audio visual process well be inereared

                         3.No of seat be inereased because demad is more there