The vision of the Govt. College to provide quality education to develop all-round personality and to impart  Vacation skill among young generations to enable them to play an archive and meaningful role in the society and to make them knowledgeable confident and independent young generation. College achieves the status of the best college in the rural area. College Provide premier source of education. Work for training, partnership, and economic development Education to the minority section of the society belonging to the socially, educationally, and economically weaker sections. To educate is to empower. To educate women is to empower a nation . Govt. college Dhamnod presents the rising sun in the mono which shows the progress of students. Sun gives energy to all living and nonliving elements .Just like it Education gives rays of knowledge to students. Gives rays of success. And these succeed students will give the rays of progress to the society. Sun decide the path of all planets just like it college decide the path of students. Education is the best way of life, no one can harm the light of sun and education. Mono gives the message of“viddayaamratemashnute” which means education is like a remedy . Education is guiding light, path of heaven. Here heaven means success of life.


The mission of the college is to provide quality based education on aimed enhaveily the required knowledge and skill and instilling the desired value in the mind of student enabling the to be enterprising and becoming worthy citizen of our country.

Institutional Strength

1. The College is a Religious and Linguistic Minority Educational Institution under the meaning of Article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India and gets the exclusive benefit defined for such institutions. It enables the college to fulfill its objective of imparting education to the deprived sections of society. 2. The college is centrally located in Maheshawar Road Dhamnod Area. It is easily accessible by public transport system. The college has sufficient number of Laboratory,LCD Projectors, Computers. Environmental friendly practices are implemented on a large scale.3. Over a period of 30 years, the phenomenal academic growth has led to recognition in theGovt College. The college offers 04 programs at undergraduate College levels.

Institutional Weakness

1. The college has a policy of giving admission on first come first serve

basis and thus loses out on academically bright students who approach

late for admissions.

2. Girls constitute a larger base of students’ strength and continuity of their

education is many a-times a problem due to socio-cultural challenges like

family pressure for marriage and post marriage opposition to further post-

graduate education, which affects students’ academic progression.

3. The college is located in the Rural area and infrastructural expansion is

restricted due to FSI regulations.

Institutional Opportunity

1. The college can introduce new programs and increase the number of

divisions as there is increase in demand for admissions.

2. The college can increase skill development, value added and

vocational programs to enhance employability.

Institutional Challenge

1. The college has 02 UG self-financed programs and increasing the

number of such courses catering to students with financial constraints

is a challenge.

2. 2. Strengthening experiential learning methods to supplement the

current prescribed syllabi in the given time frame is sometimes a


Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and


Institutional Strength

Catering to the higher educational needs of rural students of mostly Scheduled

Castes and backward communities

High growth potential due to the distant location of all district headquarters

Qualified teaching faculty

One departments with Computer and internet connections

01 Broadband internet connections connected to 30 desktop computers

Five LCD Projectors and Four Interactive Boards

A  Computer Laboratory with 25 computers, internet and intranet facilities

INFLIBNET membership for all the regular teachers

Career Guidance Cell conducting skill-development and other career counselling

Institutional Weakness

Acute shortage of classrooms and laboratory spaces to accommodate the

existing student strength, and departmental rooms.

Need for bigger Library to accommodate the rising number of books every year.

Need for a bigger computer laboratory to accommodate the students of various

computer courses. Absence of research centres in any subjects resulting in lack

of research facilities Absence of Alumni Association. Lack of a formal feedback

mechanism to find out student progression outside the institution.

Institutional Opportunity

Initiating remedial coaching, extension lectures and focusing more on learner-centric classrooms forester implementation of the curriculum. Opening Job Oriented Centres in many subjects provided sufficient infrastructural facilities are made available. Opening more PG courses both in general as well as professional subjects to ensure greater student progressionto advanced courses, particularly girls.

Institutional Challenge

To receive sufficient grants from the government, U.G.C., Rusa  for the renovation and enhancement of infrastructure to meet the present and the future requirements. To further raise the academic standards by associating teaching learning with innovative practices, extension lectures, organization of seminars and workshops, research activities and support of technology. To create a congenial atmosphere of research and involve all the teachers in the research activities. To collaborate with other institutions in order to be benefited from their experience and to motivate the faculty to follow the best practices. To increase the progression percent of the students to the higher studies. wall boundary should be necessary for campus encroachment.