Department Name – COMMERCE

Department Profile:

In the year of 1958 Established the U.G.Commerce Departement & year of 1973 Established P.G.Commerce Departement

HOD Desk:- Dr.S.D.Patidar (Proffessor)

Year of establishment:- U.G-1958,P.G-1973

Name of the HoD:- Dr.S.D.Patidar

Area of Specialization:- A/C Group

Number of faculty:- 8

Department Faculty

S.No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Exp
1 Dr.S.D.Patidar M.Com Ph.D Asstt.Professer Business Law  33
2 Dr.Mahesh Gupta M.Com Ph.D Asstt.Professer Management/Taxion  32
3 Shri.C.S.Mahajan M.Com  Asstt.Professer Cost Account  25
4 Rajendra Chouhan M.Com  Asstt.Professer Cortporate Account  12
5 Dr.Rupesh Jamre M.Com Ph.D Asstt.Professer Company Law  15
6 Prof.O.S.Mehata M.Com Ph.D Asstt.Professer  Economics  10
7 Prof.Pradeep Prajapati M.Com  Guest Faculty  Financial Account  03

Strenth:-1-The department in very rich with highly experienced professors H.O.D is a Ph.D Guide being Bueiness  dominatel city So student take intrest in the Subject

Weakness:-2-The student are weak in english and have difficulty to day thing related to the subject is available in englieh

Future Plan:-3-Commerce department is already well equipped and well developed,So there is no any future  planing