College Action Plan

College Action Plan to Improve Governance

Basic Information   
 Institution: Govt P.G. College KhargoneState: Madhya Pradesh  
 Action Plan prepared by:  Contact Info:
 (Please list all the participants in developing the  action plan)1. Dr.R.S. Devra9340685562
 2. Dr. Shail Joshi9425415367
 3. Dr. U.S. Baghel9424041418
 4. Dr.Tushar Jadhaw9977811746
 5.Pro. Gagan Patidar9131267454
 When was the action plan prepared:Dec-19
 Action plan endorsed by: Principal
 (college to specify instittuional leaderships)
 When was the action plan endorsed:  31-Jan-20
College Current Status Actions to Improve Quality and Governance Expected OutcomesIndicatorsMonitoring Mechanism Time-line Resources 
Context, Mission and Goals Score: – 2.89       
Managerial OrientationScore: –  2.64 
Autonomy Score: – 1.87       
Accountability Score: – 2.26       
Participation Score:  – 2.48
1. ITC PPT Classes will be Conducted in all dept.
Principal and Nodel Officer Students will Interact with strength and of Subjects & technical issues .50 PPT classes will be conducted 2500 students will be get from PPT ClassesIQAC Higher Managment of College PrincipalNine Months Skilled Trainers Teaching aids Computers/Projector LCD/PD
2. Language LaboratoryHead of the Dept. Nodel Officer PrincipalStudents Teching Staff, Non Tecahing Staff will interact with english fluency and spoken languages,Enhancement in Academic Results
Personality development  will be improverd by in students and staff of college better Grade in Naac Quality improvement in Teaching in Teaching methods
Principal & Higher Managment of IQAC,  college commeticeNine Months * Language lab software
*Spoken Programs
* Internet
* Skilled Trainers
* Fund
Nodel OfficerPrincipal
Govt PG College