Department Name ………CHEMISTRY……….

Department Profile:

In the year of 1958 Established the U.G.Chemistry Departement & year of 1968 Established P.G.Chemistry Departement

HOD Desk :- A.K.Gupta (Proffessoe)

Year of establishment:- U.G.-1958,P.G.-1968

Name of the HoD:- Proff.A.K.Gupta

Area of Specialization:- Organic

Number of faculty:-06

Department Faculty

S.No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Exp
1 Proff.A.K.Gupta M.Sc. Assist.Proffeser Organic  
2 Prof.S.R.Dawar M.Sc.,Ph.D Assist.Proffeser Inorganic  
3 Prof.S.Chouhan M.Sc.,Ph.D Assist.Proffeser Organic  
4 Prof.U.S.Baghel M.Sc.,Ph.D Assist.Proffeser Organic  
5 Prof.J.L.Solank M.Sc. Assist.Proffeser    
6 Prof.Chhaya Patel M.Sc. Guest Faculty    

Strenth:-1-Coualified,Devoted,Skilled and laborious Faculty with good Co-opration among them and well disciplined Good Co-operation between Department and College Administration

Weakness:-2-Big Problems are lack of teaching staff untrained technical and non technical staff lack of well  equipment and new edition lots of student are Coming from rural tribal area and having very poor  financial codition So that have lack of knowledge of Presentation Skill Personatiy Students and                                           Parents.

Future Plan:-3-1.To make well developed and well equipped Advanced Laboratories. 2. To start new courses like indurtries chemistry Pharmacological Chemistry anolysis etc.3.To start M.Phil Courses.4. Established research center in chemistry deoartment